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I am a freelance textile artist/ designer, with a preference for surface pattern design. This blog is a way to show some of the work that I do, things that inspire me and my current projects.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Seaside Bag's

My fabric designs made up into bag's, all inspired by the British seaside and old holidays, the bags themselves are a ongoing project whilst I don't have the resources to print my own fabric I am experimenting with printing over fabric. I am especially interested using subject matter that either relates or contrasts with the choosen fabric. 

This print was inspired by aerial views that birds have over large natural areas such as beaches. 

These were done quite a while ago, if i had the chance to make my own fabric for my bag's again I feel I would do so much different but this was a great starting point; And a great challenge at the time. these are all digitally printed but due to the nature of the subject I felt that a more simplistic approach to the prints would convey the imagery better so allot of the designs appear as though they could be screen printed. 

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  1. I love all of these but the bicycle is my favourite!